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Castries Mayor Peterson Francis: “Threats are made against me all the time”

Image of Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis

Castries Mayor Peterson Francis has admitted to threats being made against him as a result of the work he has been doing as mayor.

The revelation was made at a press conference called by him today, June 19, 2019, to announce the installation of parking meters on 10 streets in the city of Castries by September of this year.

Image of Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis
Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis

Francis said that he takes the threats seriously, and, as a result, he has curtailed some of the walkings he does on a daily basis.

“There are people waiting for me saying be careful where I go, what I do, especially now,” Francis said, adding that he will not disclose what he has done to protect himself.

I have not spoken to the police about these threats,” Francis said.

He added, “Threats are being made against me all the time. You have to be concerned but I have always said I am a believer in destiny, that if you have to die at your home, you will die at your home. If I have to die on the street, I will die on the street. If I have to die at a fete I will die at a fete. You just have to be careful and do what you believe to be necessary.”

Francis was asked what type of threats were made against him. He did not identify them as death threats or otherwise, however, he indicated that the threats were made recently and were serious.

Mayor Francis said he does not have a bodyguard because he does not see the need for one and that he’d rather vacate the office of the mayor than have a bodyguard.

“If now I have to walk the streets with a bodyguard, I’ll leave the people job for them,” Francis said.

Francis was appointed Mayor of Castries in August 2016 and became a controversial figure almost instantly for the changes he brought about in the city.

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