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Saint Lucia Cuba Renew Health Cooperation Agreement

CUBAN Ambassador to Saint Lucia His Excellency Alejandro Simancas Marin and Saint Lucia’s Minister for Health and Wellness Sen. Hon. Mary Isaac recently signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of further developing Saint Lucia’s health system.

The renewal of the agreement is expected to extend the presence of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Saint Lucia.

His Excellency Alejandro Marin expressed his government’s commitment to continue deepening relations with Saint Lucia and to provide support in the field of health.

“We are very happy, very proud to continue contributing from our humble capabilities to the development of Saint Lucia… as I said in the beginning, in such an important area as public health,” said Ambassador Marin. “So, again I want to reference that this is an important moment and it reflects the will of our government to continue strengthening the principle for bilateral relationship, friendship, cooperation and solidarity.”

Minister for Health and Wellness Sen. Mary Isaac thanked the government of the Republic of Cuba for their continued support to Saint Lucia’s health sector.

“We have accomplished great strides through the help of the Cuban Medical Brigade that exists here, especially with our eye care programme that has gone a long way and we have a well-established eye care programme and that is through the Cuban assistance that we get from the Cuban government. We see you as a sister country, or I should say a brother country and as such we do appreciate the collaboration that exists. It goes a long way in assisting us in our health care programmes in Saint Lucia.”

Permanent Secretary in the Department of Health and Wellness Felix St Hill also expressed gratitude to the government and people of the Republic of Cuba for the assistance and support in the field of health over the years.

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