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Discipline On Our Roads Can Minimize Frequent Road Accidents

By Rev. Seth A. Ampadu (Methodist Church)
Image: Fatal Accident Along Bexon Highway

Our condolences and sympathy goes out to all those families who would have lost their loved ones through road accidents, especially the recent one at Dennery.

Again, just as we appreciate and applaud our commercial drivers and other motorists for their good work and their many sacrifices to make sure passengers get to their destinations safely, it is also equally important to be cautious on the road. The numerous accidents on our roads can easily be avoided if drivers, especially, some mini-bus drivers and motorbike riders will discipline themselves on the road.

Speeding is proven to increase the risk and intensity of a road accident, but it appears most of these drivers disregard this rules. Some of these mini-bus drivers because they want to make “good money” for the day, they try to speed past every motorist to pick passengers on the road and this sometimes creates unnecessary problems for other drivers on the road.

The most worrying part is the high proportion of young drivers who have had an accident despite the short timeframe they have been behind the wheel. Both speed and tailgating are verified causes of road accidents and we would encourage all road users to drive at a suitable speed and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Some drivers also fumble when they get to the roundabout. I think there is the need for continuous education for drivers and other road users to be extra careful on the road. They should reduce their speed and observe road traffic regulations. The question is who is responsible to ensure there is safety on our roads? Are the officials who are being paid with tax payer’s money going about their duties as expected? Who is responsible for ensuring that motorcyclists and their pillion riders wear helmets and other necessary gear? We cannot continue to lose our young people through road accidents. I think the traffic laws must begin to “bite” to deter reckless drivers on our roads.

There is need for a cultural shift in driving attitudes to ensure motorists take responsibility for their own behaviour and look out for one another on the roads.

I believe that a safer driving environment for all road users will be created if some of these drivers change their mindset to become more patient, considerate, caring, cautious and aware. This new mentality of driving will significantly improve road safety and minimize accident rates on roads.

Drivers should take into consideration the safety of passengers and pedestrians. Drivers should be aware at all times that they carry the life of “human beings” in their vehicles and these lives are precious.

A good driver is not the one who wrongfully overtakes others. A good driver is not the one who is able to speed and pass every motorist. A good driver is not the one who thinks he or she is smart when driving through a red light. A good driver is the one who patiently gets to his or her destination safely, and gets to live another day.

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