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Castries Market Vendors Cash In On Relocation Assistance

Image of Castries Market

Castries City Provisions Market Vendors are all smiles following delivery of promised relocation stipends, as the first phase of the Market Redevelopment takes effect.

On Tuesday May 21, 2019 the Castries Constituency Council (CCC), hosted a cheque presentation ceremony for the vendors.

Image of Castries Market

All registered provisions market vendors received EC$500.00 cheques to assist with preparation for their temporary relocation.

The Castries Constituency Council also worked towards finalizing stipend allocations for roadside and daily vendors who were not previously accounted for. Provisions vendors operating on the Jeremie Street sidewalk will be compensated today Friday May 24, 2019 so that they too can be part of the temporary relocation. The total sum of stipends disbursed was EC$45, 000.00.

Castries Mayor Peterson D. Francis says the aim is to ensure that no one is disadvantaged.

Mayor Francis told the gathering of vendors that the assistance was provided in recognition of the important role of vendors in driving the economy and appealed to the vendors to make good use of the funds to better their businesses.

Effective Monday May 26, 2019 the Provisions Market Vendors will assume temporary accommodation at the former Fire Service headquarters site on Jeremie Street. The location is equipped with all amenities and round-the-clock security.

The Castries Market Redevelopment Project which is part of Castries Vision 2030, will positively transform the image and business of vending in the City.

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  1. This is so beautiful and wonderful, the very look at the vegetables makes me
    feel homesick. For those born and raised in Castries who never visited the Market
    don’t know what’s it like to miss a people who are the Salt of the Earth, God’s
    only special creation, because they are the ones who have to wake up early
    in the morning, rain or shine to get ready for you and for me, to provide the stuff
    we all need for our well being. There are the generation there whom I’ve never
    met, but I love them. Keep up the good work and may the good Lord Bless you all.
    P.S. Mr. Mayor you’ve done good by and for these people.

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