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YEP Logo Competition Launched

The Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Local Government and Empowerment invites all youth under the age of 35 from the communities of New Village, Conway, Barnard’s Hill and Wilton’s Yard to design a logo that will serve as a visual identity of the newly commissioned Youth Empowerment Project. The competition will run from April 1st- 30th 2019 under the theme “Enlighten, Enrich, Empower.”

All entries must be addressed to the Project Coordinator, Youth Empowerment Project and submitted via email to [email protected] or on CD to the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Local Government and Empowerment located on the Fourth Floor of the Greaham Louisy Administrative Building on the waterfront in Castries. Entries must be submitted before 4:30 p.m. on April 30th, 2019. The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize of $500 and a laptop while the second place will receive a tablet. The third-place finisher will receive an android mobile phone. The winning submission will be used as the official logo of the Youth Empowerment Project.

The Youth Empowerment Project is focused on mitigating risk factors that trigger criminal (and anti-social) behaviours at the individual, family, community and societal levels. Special emphasis is placed on young men and vulnerable groups – particularly children, at-risk youth and women. This project is being funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

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