Motocross – The Tribute Continues

This Sunday the St. Lucia Moto X Club continues to pay tribute to ace rider, Bertrum “Official” Simon, who rode bike # 44.

Saint Lucian riders of all ages are ready for motocross action this weekend.

Judging from the reviews from the last motocross event, which was held on April 7th, the track at Cul de Sac is expected to generate record numbers on Sunday, inclusive of motocross riders (some of whom will be travelling to Saint Lucia from Martinique for the event), fans and spectators.

Sunday’s race comes with a heightened level of excitement with the introduction of different team colours and other taglines among the riders, some of which include, ‘Team Red’, ‘Team Purple’, ‘Team Kawa’ and ‘Team Prick Them’, to name a few. Team Prick Them will go into the competition as the underdogs, and they are already making their own predictions of making first place podium finishes in every category. Ahead of the event, Team Red was quoted as saying, “If this were possible it could only happen in a dream, and even then, Team Prick Them would have to apologise when they woke up for dreaming such!”

The jives are all in good spirits, and apart from bragging rights, the riders have been training very hard leading to Sunday’s race out of pure passion. Some newcomers are expected in Class “B”, one of the more competitive classes. All classes have shown great improvements in their lap times and skill levels. Sunday’s race without a doubt will be ‘textbook style motocross’!

All roads lead to Cul de Sac this Sunday. Admission is free but donations are welcome in assisting to defray some race day expenses. Remember to look up the St. Moto X Club on Facebook and Instagram for club updates, events and activities.

Start time is 2 p.m.

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