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More talk, more opinions and different points and view

All of a sudden, every other person is a Talk Show Host. The media, as well as social media, both have persons giving a variety of opinions, viewpoints and pronounced statements.

While I think it is healthy, there seems to be a lot of conflicting points of view particularly within programmes which air at the same time.

Granted, there is a need to listen to the varying points of view, but some try to upstage others as being the ultimate truth, giving the impression that certain opposing views should not be considered or acknowledged.

I get the impression that the political campaign for the next general election has started and hosts are taking sides and perhaps even being paid to express a particular viewpoint.

At the rate we are going there seems to be a new war going on and the battleground is all about words and condemnation. Criticism seems to be the order of the day and people, meaning the listening public, have a task of separating fact from fiction and deciding for themselves who is biased, who is telling the truth. It is also the job of Joe Public to find a way to see through intention – whose objective it is to muddy the waters and sow negative seeds, as opposed to fostering a meaningful discussion?

There are so many consultants and fact finders, specialists and experts that I don’t think we need external consultants anymore. No longer should we have any need to pay an arm and a leg to get information, or for policy planning of even foreign intervention.

I am beginning to think we have a lot of national experts, but really and truly, where have they been hiding?

The next election is crucial. We have a lot of ‘mind-benders’ and there is a strategic plan to keep the public confused, undecided and uncertain about how to move forward and whom to support at the next general elections.

In all the talk we are yet to hear from either party the wish to have public debates in order for the public to be able to question political candidates openly. This has been something the people have been asking for, for years.

Everybody is playing it safe and hiding behind the coat tails of the party. Some people are just going with the flow and hoping that their party wins the elections so they can continue getting their perks.

As for me, I watch the political drama unfold and keep listening to the varying points of view and hope that the people can definitely separate the sheep from the goats and spot all the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  — Carlton Ishmel

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