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Methodist Reverend Expresses Deep Concern

Image of St. Lucia Methodist Superintendent Seth Ampadu.

The fact that the head of the Methodist Church Rev. Ampadu, found it necessary to speak out on the subject of character assassination via social media was most telling, but timely.  St. Lucia is a small nation in the throes of maturity at age 40 and should not be imposing unnecessary hardship on itself. We must desist from washing our dirty linen in public as it sends the wrong signal to all and sundry.  It has taken a foreigner within the church to bring to our attention our weaknesses and lack of foresight in dealing with the technology available to us.  What exactly are we hoping to achieve by bringing down our own brothers and sisters?  What Rev. Ampadu has indirectly highlighted is the political attacks towards the current administration which has been ongoing for over two years.

There are columnists, talk show hosts and party hacks who all have their own agendas to destabilize the current administration for their own selfish interests which is understandable, but not necessarily smart, but these are the realities of today’s world.  On the other hand there are those who judge others after themselves not realizing that both their own facial and internal scars speak volumes and sooner rather than later as Uncle Sam amasses all their facts, the fate which has befallen Escobar, El Chapo, and Christopher Coke AKA “Duds Coke” may well be extended to a particular individual here at home.

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