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Fire In Wilton’s Yard Leaves Families Homeless

A fire late into Holy Thursday night gutted through multiple houses in the community of Wilton’s Yard in Castries.

House on Fire in Wilton’s

Amateur video footage that quickly spread through various social media and messaging platforms, showed several individuals attempting feverishly to extinguish the blaze that had gotten horribly out of control.

Fire Fighters were called into action in the area more commonly known as The Graveyard Thursday night,  as families were left fleeing from burning homes unable to salvage personal belongings.

Thankful for no immediate reports of injury or loss of life, one visibly distraught individual remarked, “the fire took at least four houses already”.

Up until 1 am, Good Friday morning, Fire Fighters were still on scene extinguishing the blaze.


  1. The fire’s of Castries – like something some of us have grown up not to be surprised at.
    When ‘Conway’ was razed to make way for high rise office buildings, the poor who moved
    out must have settled some where else. There was once the “Holly Wood” dwellings that was
    replaced by some Apartment buildings, but who could afford the rent, albeit how low it may be.
    I have witnessed the shacks on the shores of Fou-a-choud (Hospital Road) where did they come
    from. The poor we always had, and sadly, they still remain, feeding off each other, for that’s all some
    seem to know, but sadly may pay with their broken lives or spend wasted years incarcerated. Castries my
    Castries, are you the only one that’s different, or with it all you are still blessed with much, better than others.

  2. but Jackie my dear, you may agree, ‘not all that glitters is gold’ but I do shine,
    there’s much more silver threads than gold and in the mix, the black diamonds
    are holding tight for now. you see, in my sanctum sanctorum I have viewed the
    landscape and have long decided that I have no use for the nostrum of any kind.
    But I will always love St.Lucia, and cherish my many strolls down Jeremie Street
    also the Boulevard, remembering the original Clarke’s Cinema, as a kid watching
    the “Hunchback of Notre Dame”; Charles Loughton scaring the shit out of us kids.
    Much is revealed to me in the ‘Sanctum’ but sadly I can’t reveal to any yet, but I’ll
    warn, Castries was built on reclaimed land, P.S. Global warming is a reality. Amen.

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