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Broad Daylight Shooting in Castries

Blurred image of lifeless man on sidewalk

A brazen daylight shooting in the city of Castries had pedestrians and workers scampering for cover this afternoon.

Details are still vague, but, officers on the scene did confirm to The Voice that one individual has become the latest victim of gun violence.

The morbid scene didn’t deter scores of curious onlookers, most with mobile phones in hand from converging behind the yellow tape in an effort to catch a glimpse of what appeared to be the lifeless body of a young male lying in a pool of blood.

An active investigation by the Royal St. Lucian Police force has begun and a detailed update on this breaking news story will be published in the latest edition of The Weekend Voice newspaper.

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  1. Somebody has to know something; arrest all the usual suspects, hold them
    till somebody talks or make them talk.None of this, we let them go due to lack
    of evidence – that’s nonsense. The Law is just too lax. Time to get tough guys.
    As I always say – YOU KILL – YOU HANG. it will keep on happening if you don’t
    start hanging these bastards. For young minor offenders, start whipping some asses.

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