Saint Lucian Fictional Poet Take Us On A Spellbinding, Sensory Journey

Image of S. A. Duncan
Image of The Four Seasons of her Poetry Novellas
The Four Seasons of her Poetry Novellas are available on Amazon.

The Four Seasons of Her from the Four Seasons Duology Series Poetry Novellas is S. A. Duncan’s first debut collection of poetry. The author creates vivid imagery to seamlessly uncover the effects of contrasting seasons on a woman’s emotional state whilst she navigates through different cultural and personal experiences. This bookpursues strong themes of self-love, self-discovery and retrospection. It is designed for women to appreciate their beauty and growth, their strengths and weaknesses, their sensuality and power, and mostly their love, in every woeful and wonderful manifestation that is meant to be.

S. A. Duncan became fascinated with fictional novels and poetry from a young age after being inspired by her bibliophilic mom who shared scores of enigmatic best seller novels with her and her siblings. Growing older however, she decided to pursue a doctoral path in Immunology but still wrote numerous short stories and poems for her blog with some features and awards in magazines.

Image of S. A. Duncan
S. A. Duncan

Readers of her books have also expressed great enthusiasm for this project and it is generating quite a buzz both in the United States and Saint Lucia.

“Can we say page turner! This is my absolute favourite book. A Must Buy. I saw myself in every season… but summer was amazing! I definitely have to visit the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia soon.” – Ken S.

“Absolutely a must buy. Listen… this writer knows how to tap into your every emotion, keeping your attention with every line. I cannot get enough. It is insightful and intriguing. Mind blowing best describes this book.” -Tracy F.

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