Family Search Ends Well – But Does it Really?

Image of Damon Gilbert with partner Sandra Leah Mitchelson. The UK resident is searching for his family in Saint Lucia.

THERE’S nothing like playing a part in reuniting long lost family members – especially when their reconnection comes as a result of an article published in our very own VOICE Newspaper! On Tuesday, March 5, the front page of The VOICE featured an article entitled, ‘Man Searches for Family in Saint Lucia.’

For some, it might have been hard to imagine that someone could have a difficult time finding their family on an island as small as Saint Lucia, but as the details started to unfold, it was clear that part of the disconnect had to do with a very distraught mother, and her need to find peace of mind. The rest of the story, unfortunately, will never be told, as according to family members, the man’s father died years ago.

As Damon Gilbert told it, the marriage of his parents broke down soon after he was born. His mother took him to the United Kingdom when he was just six months old, where he has resided since. Years later, he found himself searching desperately to reconnect with family he had never gotten the opportunity to meet. For Damon, it was 45 years down the drain – time that could never be regained.

The above scenario is not uncommon. Whomever is to blame, ill feelings between parents can sometimes lead to the severance of ties between their children and other family members. Those who are fortunate meet their family later in life. Some, without that initial connection, don’t feel the need to reach out after a substantial amount of time has passed. The most unfortunate ones aren’t even aware of a family outside of the people they’ve always called their own.

The story featured in The VOICE this week showed one of the worst results of these scenarios. When finally the featured individual was able to find his family, he would learn that his father had long passed away, and there would never in this lifetime be another opportunity for them to meet. Perhaps the lesson therein for the rest of us is one of forgiveness. Never mind what we experience, it’s worth keeping in mind just how precious and fleeting life really is!

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