Venezuela In Crisis — Former Caribbean Leaders Speak Out

Image of Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, former Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South
Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, former Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South

PRESS RELEASE — FIVE former Caribbean leaders, namely, Jamaica’s Former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, Former Prime Minister of Barbados Owen Arthur, Former Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Dr. Kenny Anthony, Former Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda Lester Bird and Former Prime Minister of Belize Said W. Musa have called for the maintenance of peace within the region in light of political conflict in Venezuela.

The statement dated February 22, 2019 read as follows:

“We, former leaders of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries of Jamaica, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados and Saint Lucia concerned about the maintenance of the Caribbean as a zone of peace, express great disquiet about events surrounding the situation in Venezuela and the prospect of any action that is inconsistent with the principles of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In this connection, we are concerned that no action be taken that would jeopardise these fundamental principles of international law.

We recall the importance of order in our Hemisphere and the central importance of the United Nations system. The conduct of relations between nations necessitates adherence to, and preservation of, accepted norms and principles and we warn that any retreat from these norms and principles threatens peace and security, and portends far-reaching consequences, including humanitarian suffering and the contagion of economic decline.

Acknowledging that there is need in Venezuela for humanitarian assistance, we believe that the delivery of such humanitarian assistance should not be politicised but should be conducted under the auspices of the United Nations according to normal procedures, including the participation of the Government and other authorities.

We categorically reject the use or the threat of force as a means of resolving the situation in Venezuela.

In a spirit of international democracy, we join the CARICOM call on all nations to help promote a process of dialogue between all the parties in Venezuela to seek accord and to negotiate constructively a settlement of the internal challenges that confront the nation as a whole. We appeal to all governments to contribute to the process of peaceful negotiation by the Venezuelan parties in the interest of the people of Venezuela and the wider Hemisphere.

None of the Venezuelan parties should be encouraged to eschew the process of dialogue which alone can produce “a Venezuelan Pact” that is central to lasting peace and orderly economic and social restoration and progress.”

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  1. The question still remains, what is to be done to end the mess in Venezuela?
    These two devilish systems – Communism and Fascism – both born out of Hell
    have bewitched, enslaved and demonized the whole of Latin America from south
    of the Rio Grand to the very tip of Terra del Fuego Argentina. Systems of deception
    disguised first as religion, embraced and the network of deception enfolded. Who
    suffered and are still fighting among themselves to find a pathway to live a decent
    and peaceful life.The Clowns of politics masquerading as learned leaders to clouds
    of ignorant masses kept so by their system from Columbus to the present. I fear for them
    because someone is looking for a way to make “A” great again and it can be a bloodbath.
    The hunger for his ego mixed with his paranoid state will cause him to do the unthinkable
    so do what is necessary to avoid what seems inevitable.I humbly ask the poor and meek to Pray.

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