Touching Lives Across Borders Women on a Mission Outreach Inc.

Image of Charmain St. Remy

WOAM Outreach Inc. is an organization that was founded back in 2003 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by Dr. Apostle Gillian Thompson Biscette. The Mission was born out of a deep desire to help meet the needs of women who found themselves wandering through the parks on a daily basis, with thoughts of suicide, feeling of loneliness, abandonment, depression, fear.

The first campus was set up in Fort Lauderdale where today many projects are ongoing. Some of such programs are: feeding over 100 hungry people on the street corners, providing clothing for the homeless especially during the winter seasons, providing vision and health care to the less fortunate.

Image of Charmain St. Remy
St. Lucia Campus: Charmain St. Remy

The journey of the Mission over the years has metamorphosed from just a few women meeting in a park in Fort Lauderdale every morning to talk about their struggles and how the transforming power of God can change their lives, to 5 campuses around the world. In 2015 the Trinidad Campus was started, October 2016 the St. Lucia Campus was launched at Sandals La Toc Resort & Spa. Since then there has been campuses in Honduras, Zambia and London.

This Mission has been touching the lives of thousands of women, girls, their families and communities primarily focusing on empowering them to be self-sufficient, industrious, thinkers and to believe that within them lies the capacity to transform their lives from what it is today to what they believe it can become tomorrow.

WOAM Outreach Inc – St. Lucia has been quietly but effectively working behind the scenes impacting lives and communities, one life at a time, one community at a time through programs such as Book Bag drives where we provide school supplies to needy students at the start of and during the school term; Toy Drives throughout all 17 communities in St. Lucia to ensure that as much as possible no child is without the gift of a Christmas toy during the holidays – to date over 820 toys have distributed throughout St. Lucia; Assistance given to fire victims; Counseling to hurting and troubled women; Workshop under the theme ‘A Bundle of Love, we’ve got you covered’ for expecting moms and dads helping them combat the health issue of post-partum depression.

In 2016 WOAM – St. Lucia partnered with Women In Action in the fight against domestic violence and suicide. The president Mrs. Charmain St. Remy was part of a six-member panel who came together to disseminate information to the public on how they can overcome the struggles of depression and to remind us of our worth as Gods’ creation.

As recent as December 2018 WOAM partnered with GEF SGP UNDP on The Knowledge Fair project, which opened the minds of the members of the organization to how much more they can do to help restore and rebuild the economic wellbeing of their beloved country.

The journey of Women on A Mission Outreach Inc. – St. Lucia Campus continues in 2019 towards adding value to the health sector, the rehabilitation of lives, provision of avenues for income generation and the educating of women and girls today for survival and longevity into the future.

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