Saint Lucia Participated in the Second Women’s Congress in Venezuela

PRESS RELEASE – The Second Venezuelan Congress of Women was held in Caracas, from October 25th to 26th 2018.

The Minister of Women and Gender Equality of Venezuela, Caryl Bertho, received an international delegation made up of: Tatiana Viatkina (Russia); Alicia Campos (Cuba); Wafica Mehdi (Lebanon); Fatiha Mouassa (Algeria); Julia Rivera (El Salvador); Carol Orozco (Mexico) and Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte (Saint Lucia).

In this Congress of Women, more than 1.000 women from around the country participated and it aims to convene the broad movement of Women Patriots to the consolidation of Peace and Unity of the various forces of Women, in the construction of Bolivarian and Feminist Socialism, within the framework of the new stage of the Venezuelan Government’s plan of Recovery, Growth and Economic Prosperity from the International Solidarity of brother nations.

The 7 main topics encompassed at the II Venezuelan Congress of Women were: Productivity, Sovereign Independence, Unity, the Constituent, International Solidarity and Feminist Socialism.

At the meeting, the delegates exchanged experiences of their feminist struggles, with different female Venezuelan Ministers.  They had an opportunity to visit different places, where they acknowledged the work of the Bolivarian Government in policies in favour of Venezuelan Women.

During the Congress, Dr. Virgina Albert-Poyotte from Saint Lucia, delivered a brilliant speech in which she highlighted the common history that exists between Venezuela and Saint Lucia, “we are united by history; we have a leader from Saint Lucia, Jean Baptiste Bideau, who once saved the life of the Liberator Simon Bolívar!”

As President of the Caribbean Women’s Organization, and President of the National Council of the Voluntary Organization of Women in Saint Lucia, Dr. Albert-Poyotte congratulated the successful Women’s Congress held in Venezuela. She expressed “I am proud of the Venezuelan women, please applaud yourselves, the women in Venezuela are initiating the redemption of feminine empowerment – the changes made will make Venezuela an example for other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.”

In addition, the international delegation visited the Hugo Chavez Maternal and Child Hospital, where they observed advances in social health, as well as projects of assistance in early pregnancy and support for family members and accompaniment processes for mothers in all the pregnancy cycles. Furthermore, they visited a social production bread factory located in a popular sector, where they understood that thanks to this new type of Bolivarian companies, the economic war is being counteracted, offering food and employment opportunities in the very same communities.

On Friday October 26th, the delegates attended the closing ceremony of the Congress at Fort 4F, where they visited the remains of Commander Hugo Chavez and received the speech of President Nicolas Maduro, whom expressed congratulations and also expressed to continue the legacy of President Chavez, the first Feminist President, supporting women and guaranteeing the conditions so that all women could have a dignified life.

Source: Venezuelan Embassy

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