French Students Get Free Training From LightSparc

PRESS RELEASE – TEN boys from the Lycée Professionel de Chateauboeuf, a vocational school in Martinique, recently benefitted from a one-day training course in information communication and technology (ICT), courtesy of LightSparc Training.

During the workshop held on Monday, November 12 at LightSparc Training’s High Street, Castries location, the students learned more about computers: how to set up motherboards, hardware, and other related functions.

Accompanying the students was Charles Marie-Reine, who teaches English at the school in Fort-de-France.

He said the boys are all studying digital systems back in Martinique as part of their media studies and ICT syllabus.

Aged between 16 and 17 years, they are now in their second year of secondary school.

Each week, since last year, the boys have been receiving two extra hours of English lessons in digital systems at their school in Martinique, meaning their teachers teach them their digital systems classes in English.

This is the second consecutive year that LightSparc Training has offered the free courses to students from the French school. However, Marie-Reine says he hopes that future collaborations last longer. Nevertheless, he said the students thoroughly enjoyed what they learned during the course.

“We’re really thankful to Bernard and Lightsparc Training for giving us this great opportunity,” Marie-Reine said. “Next time, we would like to at least pay a small fee for the training. But we are very appreciative to LightSparc Training for what they have done through this collaboration.”

He added: “We are also working to develop the relationship between Saint Lucia and Martinique in terms of, maybe, a collaboration between the Ministry of Education in Saint Lucia and (its counterpart) in Martinique.”

Meanwhile, LightSparc’s Managing Director, Bernard Bovell, who was the workshop facilitator, said the students got the chance to break down and set up computers and learn more about the machines’ components and how they work together.

Last year’s group, he said, numbered fifteen youths, adding that he is already looking forward to welcoming other groups to the free training course.

“It’s always good to work with these organizations that do so much,” Bovell said. “These boys are coming from overseas, and we are part of what they see Saint Lucia as, especially in the field of ICT. We want to be part of that, to influence them to go in the right direction. Hopefully, this motivates them to continue pursuing their goals.”

While some of the students were already familiar with the information they received from LightSparc Training, others were not. But they were all able to complete the exercise, following which they each received a certificate from LightSparc Training.

LightSparc Training, which was established in Saint Lucia in 2011, offers courses in Project Management, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Marketing, Human Resource, and Accounting, Microsoft, Quick Books, among others, and focuses primarily on globally-recognized certification. (LightSparc)

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