Keyhole surgeries now available at VH

Image of Dr. Dawit Kabiye

PRESS RELEASE – THE surgical team at Victoria Hospital recently benefited from hands-on Laparoscopy training. Laparoscopy allows a doctor to view inside the human body in real time, without open surgery. The surgical team at the Victoria Hospital including Gynecologists, Surgeons, Anesthetists, Interns and Nurses were recently engaged in a workshop in advanced laparoscopic procedures.

Image of Dr. Dawit Kabiye
Dr. Dawit Kabiye

Dr. Dawit Kabiye is the Consultant Surgeon and Head of the Surgical Department at the Victoria Hospital and he is hopeful that the advanced laparoscopic surgery will soon be a regular procedure at Victoria Hospital and will put St. Lucia on an equal footing with the sister islands of Trinidad and Jamaica.

The training was facilitated by officials from Medtronics of Puerto Rico, one of the leading global suppliers of medical devices.

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