Digicel operationally ready and looks forward to the launch of number portability

PRESS RELEASE – “WE have been anticipating the day St. Lucians can freely be a part of their telecommunications network of choice and don’t have to give up that number that means so much to them,” said Digicel’s Chief Executive Officer Siobhan James- Alexander, following the recent announcement by the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) of Local Number Portability (LNP) in all ECTEL Member States effective Monday 19th November 2018.

“Digicel welcomes number portability, as it creates the ability for customers to switch service providers without the possible cost and inconvenience of a change of their telephone number. Digicel has always sought to put our customers first and provide freedom of use and number portability supports that, by effectively establishing customer ownership of their number – regardless of service provider,” explained James- Alexander.

The CEO added, “This represents a great opportunity for our valued corporate mobile customers to consolidate to a single provider, bringing their fixed lines to Digicel and benefiting from our award-winning account management, greater efficiency and access to the significant business advantages of our new fibre ring built through the CARCIP partnership.”

James- Alexander said, Number Portability could not have come at a better time, as the remainder of 2018 promises to be extremely rewarding and exciting for every Digicel customer. “We are very close to launching nation-wide LTE coverage across all of St. Lucia. Every customer wants the best telecommunication experience; customers want to be able to access their favourite music, TV shows and social media platform on the go in the fastest time without buffering- and that’s what nation-wide LTE will deliver. And, with number portability, it removes a potential barrier from those wanting to benefit from what would soon be St. Lucia’s only island-wide LTE network,” the CEO added.

Local number portability is a service which allows subscribers of fixed and mobile networks to move their services to another provider within the same ECTEL member state while retaining their current number. This means that a person or company who changes their provider and decides to keep their phone numbers will not have the trouble of informing their family, friends, colleagues, customers and clients that their number has changed. (Digicel)

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