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Police Welfare Remains A Priority

Image: The National Trust wants to preserve the old prison site.

I was taken aback a couple nights ago when I tuned into HTS and heard Mr. Bishnu Tulsie of the National Trust making a comment about Michael Chastanet in connection with the demolition works at the prison.

Here is a gentleman who migrated to St. Lucia from Guyana and was blessed with the good fortune of finding a slot within the St. Lucian society after a couple years at the Comprehensive School and presently in comfort at the National Trust, is now questioning Mr. Michael Chastanet’s interest in the development of the nation.

I know that Mr. Chastanet has been a contributor to the building of St. Lucia for over 60 years, employed over 2,500 persons at one point of his life and continues to make a meaningful contribution by way of investments and otherwise.

His imagination and vision for St. Lucia never ceases and his interest so far is well documented.

Today, his vision to make use of a derelict three-acre site in the heart of our city and provide the 1,000-strong police officers with a home they truly deserve remains a priority and must not be construed as interference by an organization with alternative motives.

This is similar to the bold move taken by the wife of the Prime Minister who has organized several fund-raising events to enhance the standard of living of our police force in various communities.

Police officers are fully in support of one of our kind who remains committed and genuine to the stability and safety of St. Lucia.

Mr. Chastanet, at the twilight of his years, seeks no recognition for his efforts, it is a contribution he is willing to make towards the nation which provided him with the good fortune to better himself.

No administration is an island — hence the reason why the former Prime Minister created a visionary council during his term of office as the private sector has the experience and knowledge for addressing issues to the betterment of the nation.

All the marches and ongoing propaganda to destabilize St. Lucia and undermine the current administration is nothing more than a political smoke screen which only works to the detriment of the nation.  (Retired Senior Prison Warden)

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