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NEMO: Ready for Kirk!

MEMBERS of the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) met yesterday in what is called a pre-strike meeting, usually chaired by the Prime Minister, to determine how best the country can utilize its resources to counteract whatever Tropical Storm Kirk may unleash on the island should it make landfall.

While it is still unpredictable regarding the storm’s arrival here the country, nevertheless, is presently under a tropical storm warning as Kirk, at one time said to have disintegrated, has redeveloped east of Barbados and moving west rather quickly.

Kerwin Xavier, NEMO’s communications officer, said that NEMO is working closely with the Meteorological Office in its preparation of advisories to citizens.

According to the United States based Weather Channel, Kirk will bring a threat of flooding rain, mudslides — and some tropical storm-force winds — to parts of the Windward Islands, beginning today and that tropical storm conditions are expected in Barbados, Saint Lucia, Dominica, Martinique and Guadeloupe within 36 hours.

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.The usual uncertainty reigned yesterday while people waited information on whether schools will be open today and tomorrow.

When the last weather disturbance occurred last week, schools were closed one day and reopened the next following an official order to vacate them as they are also emergency shelters. However, even more confusion followed, as students were sent home but in many cases parents had to work as the private sector companies exercised their option not to close or send staff home for safety.

Meanwhile, organizations and entities with activities planned for tonight have postponed most events. A book launch featuring Jacintha Lee’s latest publication planned for Alliance Francaise tonight has been postponed, as was the 4th Annual George Odlum lecture also planned for tonight at the Financial Complex at Pointe Seraphine.

As a result of the storm warning, Police Commissioner SeverinMonchery has appealed to all police officers, both on duty and on leave, to be on standby. And he has also canceled a town hall meeting he had scheduled for today with residents of Dennery.

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