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Modus Operandi of a Party in Distress

Image of a section of the unfinished St. Jude Hospital. (PHOTO: By PhotoMike)

I have taken note of the rumblings by Moses ‘Musa’ Jn. Baptiste in respect to the direct award of a $15 million road contract in the Micoud area, making all sorts of allegations which is the modus operandi of a party in despair.

The $15million road is on the ground and can easily be measured and verified by all and sundry, but the $50million payment to FRENWELL in respect to the Hyatt project vanished into thin air.

How many St. Lucians were aware of a $60 million award for the Vieux Fort administration building to a private contractor through the NIC, which was approved and started without planning approval?

How many St. Lucians are aware that the 500 room Royalton Hotel was constructed without DCA approval and only received partial approval on completion?

How many St. Lucians are aware that the St. Jude Hospital in its present state was constructed without DCA approval?

How many St. Lucians are aware that works at the Golden Hope Hospital to house a Prime Minister’s Office was carried out without DCA approval?

These are some of the questions that the SLP needs to reflect upon.

The list of those direct awards by successive administrations could go on and on, but we are not prepared to justify the wrongs of any administration at this time as two wrongs don’t make a right.

A bit of advice to the SLP leadership is clear and simple – the callous and threating remarks being uttered, based on the SLP’s possible return to office, works against the entire nation not only against Allen Chastanet and the UWP.

Therefore, the sooner the hierarchy of the SLP put on their thinking caps and consider the repercussions, the more pragmatic it becomes to the independent voter.

Comments like ‘THERE WILL BE NO PEACE IN THIS COUNTRY; IT WILL BE WAR IF CERTAIN MEASURES ARE NOT IMPLEMENTED’ are both childish and futile as the UWP has a commanding mandate of 11 to 6 and the entire cabinet of ministers are fully in support of their leader.

We live in a democratic society which means that the present administration has another 33 months in office — and it is what it is. (Realist)

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