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Hilaire should not get too comfortable…

Image of Dr. Ernest Hilaire

In listening to Newsspin on Friday 7, I could not believe the rudeness and coarseness of Ernest Hilaire who took on the host, Mr. Timothy Poleon, with unrelenting intransigence.

Mr. Hilaire seems to have an inflated opinion of his skills in argument. He also seems to think he is the only one who has studied political science.

He should know that he is seen by the public as being disrespectful, full of himself and a badly-spoken individual.

I was hoping to see him cut down to size by Rick Wayne, but instead listeners saw a mutual adoration society at play. It was a terrible show.

At least the host of Newsspin stood his ground and did not fall for Hilaire’s flattery that he is an intelligent person, so how could he be talking such nonsense.

Ernest Hilaire should not get too comfortable where he is. He should remember that he just managed to win his seat by a few votes, at the last minute.  (Observer)

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  1. What do you want us St Lucians to make of your article observer? I mean you started off with the elements of what seemed to make an interesting read with arguments and facts to support your position but for some reason you offered none. All what offered was rhetoric and you expect some of us who enjoy reading a well written piece where the writer relies on objective truth to do the talking instead of unsupported allegations and opinions. You see observer you may well be right in your observation and conclusion about the performance of Mr Hilarie on Newsspin. However you left your arguments baseless so i have no choice but to call you article rubbish!

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