NGU Clothing at NY Fashion Week

MARSHALL Celestin, founder of Never Give Up (NGU) Clothing, has surpassed several fashion events including Fashion Fest in Edmonton, Runway for Hope Fashion Show, No Limit Fashion Show in Ottawa and most recently- Youth Fest in St. Lucia. He’s even made an appearance on Canada’s biggest TV station: CTV (THE MORNING LIVE) where he displayed some of the latest trends in his line to a multitude of viewers.

Now seeking a new challenge, he is set to take his brand of fashion to one of the world’s most anticipated fashion events; New York Fashion Week. NGU Clothing will be competing in the Street Fashion Category.

We can expect a unique fusion of the highly popular madras scheme of St. Lucia infused with a modern street look. In every piece there will be a touch of St. Lucia at its core.

“I have a story to tell and I tell it through fashion.” said Marshall. “It’s always been a dream of mine. I never thought I’d be able to get this far so soon, in only two years. As a St. Lucian designer it’s amazing to be able to share the spotlight with some of the world’s best designers.”

The NGU designer also added; “We’re dedicating this to Cornelius George who was one of our beloved models back home. We had plans for him to be with us for this fashion show a long time ago so this one is dedicated to him.”

NGU Clothing will hit the runway for New York Fashion Week in Manhattan on September 15th. The entire week runs from September 10th through to the 16th.

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