International Reggae-Fusion singer Diana King’s ThinkLikeAGirl Music (TLAG) record label will be distributing an all-female compilation album called Big Woman Tingz. The project is scheduled for worldwide release on July 13.

“Historically, female ‘anything’ is not taken seriously and isn’t respected or given the credit deserved. We are exploited much more and paid much less. To be in this business, many times we pay the ultimate price with our bodies. It’s left us no choice but to take our careers into our own hands,” King said in a media release.

She continued “I choose to work with female artistes for free, for now, so they don’t have to worry about certain ‘things’. I take nothing. Artistes own their music and publishing. As an artiste, I saw a need, and I filled it. I started ThinkLikeAGirl Music for myself. It’s the label I wish I had when I started out. Over the years, it has evolved’.

While some may disagree with her approach, the label’s founder remains steadfast in her refusal to accept payment from those she chooses to work with. Big Woman Tingz is a major release for the US based label.

Diana King will do her Big Women Ting….

”TLAG Music is a unique label. Try to understand this is my soul’s calling, and I am just answering it. It makes me happy to give. If in the future I need something, then at that time, I will ask for something. Right now, I have enough”.
With the pervasive ideology in the music industry that sex sells, Big Woman Tingz is positioned to turn the notion on its head. “We are talking about sex. The ugly side – the rape and abusive side and sexuality in general,” she declared.
The songs on the 12-track album address several issues affecting females worldwide as well as the female empowerment movement.

Said King “All our issues are connected by oppression. Check it! They are also human rights issues. This music on Big Woman Tingz speaks about that – about being oppressed, love, adversities, mental state, courage, survival and joy. All relate to these things, no matter who you are.”

As the #MeToo/#TimesUp movement continues to pick up steam in the US, King believes it can make its way around the world.

“It’s a natural flow. Courage is contagious’, she expressed.

Keisha Firmm, Minori, Shivaun Rufus, Ghana, Joan, Jamila Falak, CK, Lisa Hyper, The Wixard, Khalia, Malica and Ari Lopez are the featured artistes on Big Woman Tingz. The artistes were pulled together by Tandra Jhagroo.

“She’s known for being an engineer, both in studio and live. She A&Red, sourced and brought the album to me already done, except for two additional songs. In total, 12 songs will be on the album,” King said.

With the range of artistes presented, reggae is still the foundational sound for the project.

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