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Opposition Leader drubs PM on healthcare!

Prime Minister, Philip J Pierre and Leader of the Opposition, Allen Chastanet

LEADER of the Opposition Philip J Pierre has launched yet another scathing attack on Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and his government’s healthcare plans.

In a statement to the nation on Monday — exactly eight days after the Prime Minister spoke on questions pertaining to healthcare — Pierre again referred to the Government as “callous and uncaring” about the healthcare situation.

Image of LEADER of the Opposition Philip J Pierre and Prime Minister Allen Chastanet
LEADER of the Opposition Philip J Pierre and Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

Last week, the Prime Minister said that his Government wants to “create a system where…every single St Lucian will have healthcare insurance in this country.”

He also stated that this insurance plan would empower “every single St. Lucian to have access to healthcare” and that Government is currently “working to have healthcare insurance legislation approved by the end of this year.”

But Pierre took the opportunity to mention his party’s own advocacy of universal health care.

“The SLP has always advocated Universal Health Care and under the first phase of Universal Health Care distributed free medication to diabetic and hypertensive patients,” Pierre stated. He then immediately alleged that “The government has not demonstrated that it cares about the people it has been entrusted to represent.”

Directly responding to Chastanet’s comments, Pierre stated that “The provision of accessible and affordable health care is the fundamental right of every citizen and the government must make it among its top priorities.”

He accused the government of prioritising other projects above the healthcare of the nation, naming DSH as one such project.

“The government needs to treat the present situation of health care in the island — particularly in the South — as a matter of urgency and with greater importance than investments in horse-racing infrastructure and associated gambling facilities.”

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