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National Cancer Survivors Day To Be Observed June 3

PRESS RELEASE – NATIONAL Cancer Survivors Day2018 will be observed here this coming Sunday, June 3.

This unique celebration will mark the third year that Faces of Cancer St. Lucia has observed National Cancer Survivors Day.

Thousands of people in hundreds of communities across the globe will also hold celebrations on this day to honour cancer survivors and show the world that life after a cancer diagnosis can be fruitful, rewarding and even inspiring.

Faces of Cancer St. Lucia will be hosting a day of tribute and remembrance followed by release of bio-degradable candles at Serenity Park in Sans Souci, starting with an opening ceremony at 2:30 p.m.

โ€œCome see how life after cancer is more than just surviving. It can be beautiful, abundant, and fulfilling. And thatโ€™s something to celebrate,โ€ says Dorothy Phillip, NCSD coordinator for Faces of Cancer St. Lucia.

โ€œYou will find our organisationโ€™s National Cancer Survivors Daycelebration filled with joy, hope, camaraderie, and compassion as we acknowledge cancer survivors throughout St. Lucia. We will also recognise the contributions of their families, friends, and healthcare providers and raise awareness of the on-going challenges faced by cancer survivors today.โ€

Faces of Cancer St. Lucia will celebrate with [Song dance and poetry].

This local event is part of a worldwide celebration coordinated by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation and supported by Copingwith Cancer magazine.

In 2016, Faces of Cancer St. Lucia was featured in the Coping magazine, highlighting St. Luciaโ€™s celebration of our Cancer Survivors.

Anyone living with a history of cancer โ€“ from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life โ€“ is a cancer survivor, according to the National Cancer Survivors DayFoundation.

In the St. Lucia alone, there are more than 300 people living with a history of cancer.

Major advances in cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment have resulted in longer survival, and therefore, a growing number of cancer survivors. However, a cancer diagnosis can leave a host of problems in its wake.

Physical, financial, and emotional hardships often persist for years after diagnosis and treatment.

Survivors may face many challenges, such as limited access to cancer specialists and promising new treatments, inadequate or no health insurance, financial hardships, difficulty finding employment, psychosocial struggles, and a lack of understanding from family and friends. In light of these difficulties, we need to focus on improving the quality of life for cancer survivors.

โ€œDespite the numerous challenges they face, cancer survivors live full, productive lives and serve as an inspiration to all of us,โ€ says Dorothy Phillip, adding: โ€œItโ€™s time for St. Lucia to stand with them and help find ways to lessen the burdens a cancer diagnosis brings.โ€

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