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Council To Be Setup In Grynberg Matter

Image of Jack Grynberg and P.M. Chastanet

P.M. Chastanet Speaks On His Government’s Intention To Deal With The Grynberg Affair Once And For All

Image of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

THOSE who are hopeful that the Government of St. Lucia will definitely commence an investigation into the Jack Grynberg matter, may have to settle for a comprehensive report a la Ramsahoye, as Prime Minister Allen Chastanet was non-committal when asked to give a timeframe for the matter at hand.

Image of Jack Grynberg
Jack Grynberg

When asked to provide β€œan update on when the Grynberg Investigations will begin”, the Prime Minister responded by stating that a council has to be put in place in order to get the proper documentation, before deciding on a way forward.

β€œWe’re looking to assign a specific council to review the process that was required and to put together all the documentation and then to determine what action can be taken afterwards” Chastanet said. However he did not provide a timeframe or even a guarantee, that investigations into the affair will take place.

β€œAt worst case the public of St. Lucia will have actually a document, that like the Ramsahoye Report will show a factual detail of what actually transpired; and if in fact there are any irregularities in terms of: β€˜are there any procedures that were breeched in arriving at that decision?” The Prime Minister stated.

The 2009 Ramsahoye Report, named for Sir Fenton Ramsahoye, the Guyanese lawyer and politician, who headed the commission of inquiry into road projects called RDP 001 and RDP 002, the Rochamel Affair and the National Conservation Authority (NCA), stated that such an inquiry β€œis not litigation.”

Sir Ramsahoye also stated that his commission of inquiry was β€œnot a court and [does] not have the authority to pass judgment on anyone.”

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