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Cayman Group Here For Talks

Image: Aerial view of the Dr. Owen King-EU Hospital. [PHOTO: Bill Mortley]

THE speculation surrounding the presence of the Cayman Islands group in St. Lucia last week was addressed by the Prime Minister in a press conference on Monday. He confirmed that the representatives of the group were on island for talks but not to make demands as was rumoured.

In reaffirming what was reported in the Voice last Saturday, Chastanet said that the Government is still dialoguing with several groups to decide the future of the OWEN King EU (OKEU) hospital and that nothing has been decided.

The Prime Minister was also emphatic in his denial over claims made in the WhatsApp message, that the Cayman Islands group demanded that the Ministry of Health hand over the Owen King EU Hospital; a message that โ€œwent viralโ€ on social media last week.

When asked if there was โ€œany truth to the rumoursโ€ that the Cayman Islands Group was demanding that the Ministry of Health hand over control of the OWEN King (OKEU) Hospital; the Prime Minister was brief and to the point: โ€œCategorically no!โ€

โ€œThe Cayman Islands group [was] here last week.โ€ Chastanet confirmed when asked about the presence of the group in St. Lucia.

โ€œThey had their main person, based out of India, who was here reviewing the process in hopes of preparing a proposal to the government.โ€ Chastanet continued.

He then reaffirmed his statements last week, as reported in the Voice, that he has not yet made any decision on the future of the OKEU; and has not come to any agreement with any of the investment groups that are currently in discussions with the Government of St. Lucia.

โ€œWe continue to have dialogue with several different entities.โ€ Chastanet stated. But, he continued, โ€œAs I indicated on Friday, Iโ€™ve not signed any agreement, weโ€™ve not received any formal proposals from anyone. Weโ€™ve had dialogue and [weโ€™re] discussing the framework of what that agreement would look like.โ€

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