Former ‘Girls Vocational’ Students Donate To Marian Home

Image: Past students of Girls Vocational School following the presentation at Marian Home. [PHOTO: Dean Nestor]

And they also want to reopen their old school, brand new!

THE Past Students Association of the Girls Vocational School (GVS) made a donation of supplies to the Marian Home this past Thursday, in what was the first in a series of planned events leading to the big school reunion ball marking the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the school.

Cecelie Alexander, President of the GVS Past Students Association, along with other members, made the presentation at the Marian Home.

Image: Past students of Girls Vocational School following the presentation at Marian Home. [PHOTO: Dean Nestor]
Past students of Girls Vocational School following the presentation at Marian Home. [PHOTO: Dean Nestor]
“We, the past students of GVS, feel honoured to present to you today this token of medical supplies, which we hope will go a long way; there (will be) much more to come. Thank you.”

Noella Mathurin, Secretary of the Marian Home, received the donation on behalf of the Carmelite Order, the staff and occupants.

“On behalf of the Corpus Christi Carmelites, the staff and residents of the Marian Home, we say thank you for your kind donation, your generosity will make an immediate difference in the lives of our senior citizens. So we say thank you for your kindness and God bless you.”

Providing a backdrop to the motivation behind the donation and other planned activities, Cecelie Alexander stated that “the past students, the older ones, thought it fitting to have a school reunion this year marking fifty years (since the school’s founding) and so that’s why we are here and we thought to give back to the first place where we started, which is the Marian Home. It comes under the same umbrella.”

That umbrella referred to is the order of Carmelite nuns, who are responsible for the Marian Home — and the Girls Vocation School before it was closed down in 2008.

The school was founded in October of 1968. This is why Alexander said the Association feels “honoured…that…our first donation will be (to) the Marian Home.”

Speaking about the list of scheduled events marking the school’s jubilee, Alexander said: “We have activities leading up to the week from the 1st of October to the 20th which will be the grand finale, the ball.

“We have the Mass and Brunch on the 14th and from this week we have activities (such as) fun night, we have barbecue, karaoke, (you) name it.”

Provisions are also being made for those who may not be able to afford attending the ball.

Alexander stated: “We know there are a lot of girls who would love to attend the ball but they are not employed; we want everyone attending, (so) we will assist those who cannot make it…we will be raising funds for those who are not able to (make it.)”

The Association also intends to try to reopen GVS, which was closed down ten years ago.

“We are looking at that,” Alexander stated, when asked about the school’s reopening.

“We are strong women and we are definitely looking at getting the school back on track — even if it’s just a typing school.

“That’s what we intend.

“At our meetings we have mentioned it — and we will make it happen.”

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