Chamber hosts power-packed two-day Sales Rep training programme

PRESS RELEASE – YOU are on your Company’s front-line, in the market, with its key customers! You bring value and service to customers.

The “partnerships” you develop and nurture with customers; and the services and revenue that flow between them and the Company, is in your hands.

The Company looks to you to service its customers and grow its business, in this challenging, competitive environment.

Your fellow employees support you and look to you to generate the revenue and margins needed to secure their jobs.

Your managers will provide the guidance, coaching and resources required and look to you to ensure we are successful, competitive and profitable.

Your role carries great responsibility.

This is what it means to be on the front line!

This is the intensive approach being brought to Sales persons in the Chamber power-packed 2-day programme and is one of a number of initiatives the Chamber has developed to strengthen and improve the Sales Teams of its member companies.

It has been specifically designed for persons who want to be Sales Champions.

Among attendees expected at this two-day session starting tomorrow (Friday April 20th) are experienced Sales professionals as well as newer representatives who are learning their new role.

The programme is designed to complement their talents and help them to compete more effectively.

With Francis Lewis of Res Consulting.the programme starts with the basics and build up to discuss the key skills needed for outstanding performance.

The goal is to improve the skills of participants in handling the sales opportunities and account management challenges they face.

Following a successful programme last year where over 12 different companies participated, the approach will be collaborative and highly interactive.

The programme structure is flexible. As the course proceeds, it will be re-shaped as the circumstance requires.

The Chamber will make ‘Becoming A Sales Champion’ worth the while of every participant and it will be quick-paced, intense and demanding, yet rewarding and enjoyable.

This workshop will provide the required skills and confidence to meet the needs of the customer in a straight forward, understandable and motivational manner to maximise every sales opportunity.

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce started the program on Wednesday (yesterday) with the Sales Manager Course, from 8:30 a.m to 4;30 p.m. at the Bay Gardens Hotel Rodney.

Interested persons can call the Chamber to try to book one of the few remaining seats.

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