Association of Retired Persons observing 33 years

Image: ‘SLARP Variety Show’

MARCH 27th this year, marked the beginning of another milestone in the history of the St Lucia Association of Retired Persons (SLARP), formerly the Pensioners Association of St Lucia. Officially, the Association is celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the organisation, whose business is to work towards the well-being of its members.

This celebration gives us an opportunity to reflect on the strides that have taken us to our present position today and recognises the solid foundation that has allowed us to continue connecting retirees to each other, here in St. Lucia, across the region and the wider world.

Image: ‘SLARP Variety Show’
‘SLARP Variety Show’

We are indeed fortunate that some of the members who were part of the association in its formative years are still with us today and that includes our past President, Cornelius Lubin, and Trustee, Alicia John.

We salute their loyalty, their continued support and perseverance. I am certain that their legacy and their memories will remain an indelible segment of the tapestry of their lives.

One of the best ways of keeping those memories alive is their continued membership and participation, which will allow us to keep in touch with old friends and colleagues and also enjoy the myriad of worthwhile economic, educational, and social activities organised by SLARP throughout the year

Never-the-less, it matters not when you joined this noble association, or when you officially retired from service in the last 32 years. I am certain that your contributions and commitment have contributed greatly in keeping SLARP alive.

On behalf of my SLARP Board colleagues, I extend best wishes to all SLARP members. To the many corporations and individuals who have responded to our numerous calls during the last 33 years, we say a big “Thank You!”

As part of our milestone celebration, we hosted a two-day exhibition at the Castries City Hall on March 27th and 28th, showcasing the creative and artistic work of our members, as good as we are — and as good as we were.

Bon anniversaire tout mam SLARP!!!!

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