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By Dr. Lyndell St. Ville- ICT Consultant

IT is encouraging to discover that the problems which we face are not necessarily unique, and even more encouraging when someone else has given some thought and even articulated the beginnings of a potential solution to that type of problem. An article in the Jamaica Gleaner Newspaper on April 23rd 2018 by Collette Barham of the Jamaica Productivity Centre, made a strong case for the need to critically assess the reliance on the road network in building a productive and competitive economy. She even referred to the use of ICT to manage traffic, and employ pricing strategies to raise the cost of using the road network.

Generally speaking, ICT professionals do not encourage activities that are akin to reinventing the wheel. The use of a technique, the strength of some analysis, and the methods of arriving at a solution, are all potential areas that could be explored when attempting to solve a new problem.

The growing congestion on our roads may seem like a problem to be eventually fixed, until we put that into proper perspective. The government’s plans to redevelop Hewanorra Airport are reportedly to relieve the anticipated pressure on the existing facilities. Interestingly, the perceived pressure on the airport is sufficient to spark an interest in doing something to relieve that problem. However, the daily commute of hapless motorists appears not to have ignited the same level of response. Why not?

When our individual computers start slowing down, we feel the need to upgrade, replace or otherwise fix them. If our airports, used by a fraction of the population, can attract such attention, maybe other more heavily-used pieces of infrastructure should also benefit from the same solutions-based approach.

If a cost-benefit analysis or a lens of productivity is useful for assessing a problem and devising a solution, perhaps we could use the same perspective when we consider other problems.

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Dr.Lyndell St. Ville is an ICT Consultant offering expertise in systems design and analysis.

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