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The DNA of a Double Personality

AS I follow the arguments high-lighted by Jeff Fedee, the first notion which comes to mind is one of sorrow.

Jeff by nature is a complex individual with a charismatic flow of the English language which quite frankly I enjoy, but when one analyzes the contents of his arguments, they simply do not add up.

The 700 acres of Beausejour land in question has remained dormant for over 70 years, an abattoir was constructed within the area and to the best of my knowledge this facility was never used and has served no useful purpose as the cattle and pigs required are simply unavailable and never will be.

Dr. Keith Mondesir, during his utterances at a town hall meeting, responded to a member in the audience that the abattoir could employ up to 200 persons. But we are all aware that this information was nothing more than a typical figment of his imagination.

Jeff further highlighted the evidence of scrutiny within a democratic society in respect to the DSH project. But is Jeff being serious when in fact it was the current PM who highlighted the project to the nation days after assuming office, unlike his predecessor who kept it under wraps for 18 months? Jeff talks of dictatorship: is he really in tune with the modus operandi of dictatorship or is he simply using the terminology in a flamboyant manner? We would suggest that he reflects on the period 2006-2011 to fully appreciate how dictatorships work.

Who were the professionals at the Vieux Fort town hall meeting who made any meaningful contribution other than persons embedded in the bosom of the SLP singing for their supper at the command of their various employers. Were Richard Frederick and Keith Mondesir part and parcel of the professionals he makes reference to, or are they known disgruntled politicians endeavoring to ingratiate themselves at the expense of the citizens of the south who languished in poverty and despair for decades.

St. Jude’s Hospital has been highlighted by Jeff as an issue, but evidently a bit of amnesia has undoubtedly clouded his thinking by completely ignoring the fact that $180 million over a six-year period was spent by two former administrations and only $50 million can be accounted for — until Price Water House determines the full details.

Has Jeff been off island or asleep for the past 18 months when the DSH project was debated in parliament together with all the ongoing wrangling and the umpteen responses by the current PM on all our local television stations?

A gracious flow of the English language is one thing, but the contents, facts and reality of a situation remain paramount as a realistic contribution to any administration is always welcome and hopefully those who thrive on contradiction, malice and intellectual dishonesty should somehow examine their consciences and endeavor to make the necessary adjustments to their twisted beliefs.

Ulric W. Price


  1. Mr. Price, very nicely said.

    One point of note, however. If the word “intellectual” in your term “intellectual dishonesty” was in any way referring to to the column or to Jeff, that would be too much of a stretch. Rather, the terms “selfish”, “disillusioned”, pathetic”, “desperation”, “bitter”, “uninformed”, “vapid”, “self-serving”, “wannabe” and “delusional” might perhaps come to mind.

    One can only wish the best for Jeff and that he is able to access the help he seemingly needs.

    God bless.

  2. Whats your $PRICE? Monsieur Ulric #0 farthings ,30 Punds-shillings or pence? Nevertheless thou shall never collect 30 pieces of Silver (at current Exchange rates That infamous bar-gain (emphasis on bar) has been negotiated by Judas “Josie”!
    @Calvin sans Klein (never clean the party hack Zarlop who mans the toilet paper stands for the Squealing porkys and sloth’s bezwen on “Animal Farm”-please return to your Troumasse mud pool.
    Your aspirations at persuasive writing, reads more like a duck’s spewed lageegeet, as it takes emergency flight to EVADE a charging predator.“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`You can run from thetruth of what is REALLY at stake-but you cannot hide from the TRUTH’s Hellfire Drones.

    I strongly recommend the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” starring James Stewart . It is a rare classic depiction of political corruption versus the simplicity of TRUTH. The actual plot can easily apply to our COCO DAN fiasco!
    You can purchase it at TCM shop movies.
    Recommended for current Looshan audiences to get a grasp on reality…….

  3. Now that that you have viewed Hollywood’s classic attempt at pitting political graft versus the best interests of a I @ Ulric
    I present the following exhibit A, as testimony for the CoCo Dan fiasco and the Public Hospitals saga, thus:

    “Imperialism leaves behind germs of rot which we must clinically detect and remove from our land but from our minds as well.”
    ― Frantz Fanon فرانز فانون
    @ Calvin sans klein- as in never comes keen:
    It truly is sacrilege to sign off with “God Bless”-
    after collecting your “price” for treacherous, disingenuous misinformation.
    Recall the fate of JUDAS!!!

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