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Reality Versus Propaganda

Image of National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis

A large cross section of the St. Lucian public continue voicing their view that the UWP needs to address their public relations to neutralize the negative behaviour of the SLP but the bottom line remains that the UWP’s positive results are manifesting themselves to all and sundry in light of the direct increase to the nation’s tourism product by way of 1.2million visitor arrivals in 2017 and a reduction in unemployment from 26% to 16%. Together with those successes, intensive road upgradings, bridges and a banana industry which has tripled, the commencement of three major developments in the south, the commencement of a new Sandals Resort on the causeway and the arrival of GREG NORMAN one of the topmost golf course specialists today to bring the Cap Golf Course to an international standard is sufficient hard evidence to clarify the unfounded propaganda.

In addition to these strides the current administration recognized the ability of THE FRANCIS BROTHERS – PETERSON and HERMANGILD who were SLP stalwarts for years but were left to bask in the hidden corridors of the SLP until the current PM recognized the contribution those two gentlemen could make to an administration. Can anyone doubt the exceptional contribution mayor Peterson Francis has made to our city? For the past 25 years there has never been a mayor to attain that level of success and who continues to make inroads into areas that past mayors dare not venture into. His brother Hermangild may have taken a bit longer to get his feet wet but we have the confidence that with his qualifications and experience as a former police commissioner he will address the security of the nation in a meaningful manner and we have thus far this year noted the positive signs.

Christopher Hunte on the other hand needs to reflect on his status within the SLP based on the end results of his dad and the Francis brothers and determine that after he will have been used and abused, his future as a young man maybe truly jeopardized based on the senseless venom spewed on his TV programmes with zero traction. His fate will not be dissimilar to that of Richard Frederick who once had the opportunity to redeem himself but pursued the path of decadence and today wallows in an ocean of despair craving for recognition which evades him every moment of his life and at his tender age with all his intelligence cannot come to grips with reality.

By: Political Observer

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  1. ……..three words which describes the Mayor approach to the job: passion, passion, passion;……a rare trait on the rock!!…

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