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Leebo Soars On

Image of Francis Leebo DeLima
Image of Leebo
Leebo Performing

The island is again thrown into a state of mourning as Francis “Leebo” De Lima, a Saint Lucian musical legend, reportedly lost his brave battle with cancer earlier this afternoon.

The singer, songwriter and producer was a vital staple in the island’s music industry penning a plethora of hits for himself and other musicians; he is also credited for jump starting the careers of many seasoned and champion performers.

Hundreds of tributes poured out on social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, as news of the passing of Francis “Leebo” De Lima was shared.

He will among other things be remembered for his passion for unifying the music industry and by extension the nation.

Image of Francis Leebo DeLima
Francis Leebo DeLima

His positive impact on the nation was reciprocated when in August of 2016, thousands flocked the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground for a Musical Koudemain in support of the iconic musician after news of his diagnostics was made public.

Image of Leebo, The Legend
The Legend

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