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International Women’s Day Highjacked

HAVE certain desperate politicians once again displayed their determination to divert the significance of an internationally recognized concept?

What took place on March 8th, 2018 was a total disgrace in the eyes of the region, where male politicians who find it difficult to get their subversive messages across intend using every avenue to circumvent their shortcomings.

The likes of Richard Frederick, Christopher Hunte and Albert Fregis (who recently ended his SLP tenure in London) infiltrated and diluted the significance of the march.

One bystander quietly whispered to another during the March quote “I SEE AT LEAST 5 ABUSERS”. Are they in the crowd as hypocrites or individuals wishing to make amends?

While all this political gimmickry takes place, the PM was signing-off on the final contractual arrangements for the ground-breaking of the new Hewanorra International Airport commencing June 2018. Additionally, based on the increased demand of airlift, South West Airlines have expressed their interest in servicing St. Lucia and hopefully during the latter half of this year St. Lucia could witness another carrier offering special airfares.

In order to cope with the influx of arrivals at Hewanorra International Airport — since the facility has become dysfunctional at least five days per week when at least seven jets are on the tarmac — a decision has been taken to install a 3,000 square foot air-conditioned tent adjacent to the ground floor of the existing restaurant as the arrival numbers are now far in excess of the present capacity.

St. Lucia has been rediscovered in a very positive light and once this momentum is maintained, the future remains positive besides all the ongoing negativism highlighted by the opposition.

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