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Garbage Chute Removed From Jeremie Street

Image: Garbage Chute Removed From Jeremie Street

THE Castries Constituency Council solicited the full support and co-operation of the general public for the permanent removal/demolition of the large garbage chute located on Jeremie Street.

The removal of the chute took place yesterday and was essential in light of the health risk, widespread non-compliance, and poor waste management practices.

Image: Garbage Chute Removed From Jeremie Street

Thereafter, a clean-up of the area will be conducted, to be followed by a beautification and green-space exercise which forms part of the new Clean City Campaign where over 100 garbage bins will be placed throughout the capital.

According to Mayor Peterson D. Francis, the intervention is expected to effect a visible transformation of the area and Castries in general.

“Removing the chute would assist the public in proper waste disposal practices, as poorly-managed waste particularly in the city is unsightly, damaging to the environment, and poses a health risk to all. We need to change the modus operandi and it no longer can be what we are accustomed to, explained Mayor Francis.”

The Castries Constituency Council encourages all citizens to do what is required in order to keep the city clean.

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