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Coconut Bay Celebrated Its 13Th Anniversary With 13 Acts Of Kindness

COCONUT Bay Beach Resort & Spa celebrated its thirteenth Anniversary on 27th March, 2018, commemorating this milestone with an initiative called “13 Acts of Kindness”.

At the heart of this campaign are 13 acts of goodwill targeting staff members and the community during the month of March.

“13 Acts of Kindness” was launched on Friday March 9 with the delivery of stationery and learning materials to three Pre-Schools in the Vieux Fort Area.

The month of activities concluded with a grand Birthday Cocktail Celebration on the resort’s anniversary date of 27 March 2018.

The “13 Acts of Kindness” comprise the following:
1. Distribution of stationery and learning materials to three hampers to Pre Schools in Vieux Fort.
2. Facelift and enhancement of the Coconut Bay Staff Canteen.
3. Donation of food and toiletries for a family in Vieux Fort.
4. Donation of food and toiletries for an elderly citizen in Vieux Fort.
5. Donation of 200 Shower curtains and 50 blankets to St. Jude Hospital.
6. Staff Appreciation Lunch.
7. Donation of food, toiletries and children’s learning tools for a staff member.
8. EC $700.00 Gift Voucher for a staff fire-victim.
9. Monetary donation towards two staff members fighting cancer.
10. Honoured 26 employees who have been working with Coconut Bay from its inception.
11. Donation of books for 8 to-15-year-olds to the Vieux Fort Library.
12. Honour two school children in the south who share the same birthdate as Coconut Bay.
13. Grand Coconut Bay Birthday Cocktail Celebration.

Mark Adams, President and CEO of Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa, said: “As we celebrated our 13th Anniversary milestone, we are so proud of what we have created and accomplished here at Coconut Bay and our wonderful staff who contribute to an award-winning vacation experience.

“We are grateful to be in a position to give back to and salute our community to mark this occasion.”

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