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Blame it on the System

Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

I hear talks of a new party. but more of the same is not change.

Certainly, you will not hear my name among all those being rumoured to be part of the proposed grouping. I do not believe in partisan politics and every one should know that by now. I cannot be bought. You cannot offer me any amount of money to run any seat in Saint Lucia. No, Mama. Not me.

A lot of these politicians, (of which I am not) do not put themselves up for political office because they love the country or the constituency for which they run. So, when you hear in the rumour mill that certain people are offered a million dollars to run this or that seat, believe me, where there is smoke there is fire.

Politicians (of which I am not one), if they are honest (a rare find) will tell you of the underhand deals that got them into political activity — those who were offered a year and a half or two years’ salary to run a constituency. At the rate at which you get your name sullied in our politics, can you really blame them?

The system needs to change and the people to effect that change are not the politicians but the population on a whole.

I am told that some women love getting licks from their men and the “if he doesn’t beat me, he doesn’t love me” syndrome rings true in Saint Lucian politics. How many times must women be beaten before we get out of that abusive relationship?

The party has many outside lovers, so when you hear that Helen Air meant too much to the Labour Party to deny them a loan guarantee, you must understand what you are up against.

Was/is DSH an outside lover? Who are the outside lovers of this UWP? Who will be the outside lovers of this new party?

This is what happens when we like the free ride, free rum, free transportation and, free t-shirts. But, as we also know, ‘nothing ain’t for free’.

We continue to perpetuate the ills of the system, even when it is a cancer in our bone; we like the licks.

The opposition and the ruling side are always at war; one will never do anything to help out the other. Party comes first. So, I was expecting that if this administration runs its full term there would never be no deputy speaker in the house for the rest of its term.

You honestly cannot win in this political mess that we have ourselves in. Take this blacklisting issue. You get on the list, the opposition makes mileage. You get off the list, they still have a problem.

I have mentioned before, a time in the run-up to the last election, when Allan Chastanet was on a lunch-time talk show and even I was impressed with his responses — until a question, when he was asked to tell one good thing about Dr Kenny Anthony, to which he said he could not find any.

Everyone is blaming the system, but you must remember you are part of the system.

That said, the question is: Are you willing to change the system?

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