NCA Shares Shopping Tips, Commits To Serving Better

Image of Marius Modeste, Public Relations Officer


Image of Marius Modeste, Public Relations Officer
Marius Modeste, Public Relations Officer

FELLOW Consumers,

As we enter a new year once again, we at the National Consumers Association (NCA) wish to share the following tips with you as you do your customary seasonal shopping.

Shop wisely, carefully and, most of all, responsibly
Read labels carefully
Do comparison shopping
Always request and keep the receipt for your purchase
Pay particular attention when shopping for electrical items
Shop for needs — not wants

In the new year, the National Consumer Association will be calling on you to join US in making the organization stronger. With a stronger voice, we will be heard by the government to enact the long-awaited Consumer Rights Bill that will protect us before World Consumer Rights Day 2018 which has the theme, “Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer”.

Building on the success of the 2017 #BetterDigitalWorld campaign, the 2018 campaign will aim to promote digital marketplaces that are more accessible, safer and fairer for consumers across the globe.

We have heard your many complaints about the two telecommunications companies and banks on island. We will call upon you as we take action to protect you from their unfair practices.

We at the National Consumer Association take this opportunity to wish you a happy, peaceful, productive and prosperous 2018.

Marius Modeste, Public Relations Officer

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