A Look At Mediation In Saint Lucia

By Tedburt R. Theobalds

EARLIER this year, the Registry of the Supreme Court – St. Lucia Division, as part of the 50th anniversary activities, mounted an intensive mediation campaign to sensitize the public as to the use of mediation to resolve conflict.

Mediation can be defined as a structured process for the resolution of disputes by an impartial third party, the goal being to clearly identify the issues, explore mutually beneficial options, and clarify goals while being done outside of a Court environment. The parties enter into a mutually beneficial agreement via the mediation process and the mediator, whose role is to ensure that all parties negotiate efficiently and effectively.

The campaign was wide-ranging and the message was taken into all communities and educational institutions in Saint Lucia. It is now mandatory that disputes should go to mediation before the parties seek litigation.

Pursuant to this, the mediators’ forum, St. Lucia recently held their refresher training at the conference room of the Saint Lucia Fisheries Complex at Point Seraphine, Castries . The one-day session was conducted by Francis Compton, Mediation Programme Coordinator — Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

The session was attended by trained and certified mediators here in Saint Lucia and focussed on strengthening the skills of these mediators so as to better serve the judicial process in Saint Lucia.

To ensure that the mediation process is better facilitated, there are now 41 Court-appointed and trained mediators in Saint Lucia to assist the process. These persons are all professionals in their own fields as well the mediation process. They come from various professional fields and backgrounds.

The list of approved mediators is as follows:
Francis Compton
Urban Seraphine
Jenifer Remy (Retired Judge)
Cuthbert St. Juste
Andrew Quashie
O.W. Larcher
Alison Mondesir
Beverly Downes
Cynthia F. Combie
Edith Petra Jeffery-Nelson
Esther Greene-Ernest
Lucy Myers
Marie Appy
Michelle Anthony-Desir
Urban Dolor
Denys Springer
Veronica Barnard
Rumelia Dalphinis-King
Brian Walcott
Fortuna Anthony
Ramon Raveneau
Tedburt Theobalds
Yolanda Jules-Louis
Royron Adams
Cynthia Alexander
Carolina P Bleasdille
Adela Caine
Lydia Elliot
Llewellyn Gill
Trudy O. Glasgow
Gabrianna G. Jolie
Ann-Marie Joseph
Priestly Louison
M. J. Louisy
Jeannine M. Giraudy-McIntyre
Mc. Lorren Emmanuel
Velma K. Monero
Martin Sylvester Renee
Raphael C. K. St. Hill
Andrea St. Rose
Kingsley St. Hill

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  1. Thanks for the publicity. The role of mediation needs to be highlighted even more given the build up of cases in the Courts. The Voice has been as usual taken the lead and I hope the other media will follow. Keep up the good work..

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