United & Strong Accuses Flood Beaubrun of Having ‘Hate Agenda’

THE weekend of November 17–18, 2017 was the stage for the very homophobic and anti-LGBT group, World Congress of Families (WFC).

This fifth World Congress of Families Caribbean Conference, under the misleading theme, “The Family Development – Strong Families, Prosperous Nations”, provided a platform for the continued persecution of not just LGBT persons, but our Saint Lucian citizens.

Organized by Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, Minister with responsibility for External Affairs, and founder of the Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM), the Congress brought together the most fringe activists engaged in anti-LGBT extremism and sought to promote messages of “the natural family”, marriage as the cradle of civilization, along with other anti-human rights notions.

United and Strong joins a number of regional and international colleagues in denouncing the hateful anti-LGBT campaign of the World Congress of Families (WCF) and Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM).

We were also perplexed by the presence of the Acting Prime Minister, Guy Joseph, and Lenard Montoute, at such a gathering which promotes a value of hate. Even more disturbing to the organization is the view that CARIFAM/WCF seems to have been sub-contracted as the moral compass of our Fair Helen.

We, therefore, call on the Prime Minister of this nation, along with Montoute, to answer this question: “Are the views expressed by Sarah Flood-Beaubrun and her hate-promoting colleagues that of the government of Saint Lucia?” Clearly, the Minister with responsibility for External Affairs has and continues to use her position as a Government Minister to push the hateful agenda of her organization, CARIFAM, and WCF.

Flood-Beaubrun seems to have adopted the posture of being “Split in the Middle” — speaking on behalf of CARIFAM as a sitting Member of Parliament in the Government of Saint Lucia and a Cabinet Minister. Flood-Beaubrun needs to decide on if she is serving the people of this country or her own anti-LGBT interest?

We call on Flood-Beaubrun to show how she truly cares about the women and families of this country by:

• Pushing for the amendments in our Criminal Code that currently recognize marital rape only under certain circumstances;

• Speaking out when men of the cloth sexually abuse our young girls and religious bodies remain tight-lipped to protect the image of their organizations; and

• Showing support to the women who are beaten by their husbands but remain quiet so the “church” would not reprimand them for speaking out.

United & Strong will continue to be the voice of reason and change for the voiceless and the persecuted. We shall not tire and we shall not go quietly into the night. The walls of hatred built by such organizations like CARIFAM and WCF shall tumble like the walls of Jericho.


  1. It is my opinion that in these matters you are talking about, that Sarah will
    only talk for the good of all concerned, not as a politician, a Christian person,
    not as one with any hidden agenda, but a St. Lucian with an open mind who
    have heard both sides of the argument. It is never easy for any Minister to
    satisfy both sides of the political divide, but in this particular case, there will
    come offence on all and every side, irrespective of one’s opinion and in this
    matter, everyone has an opinion. Personally I don’t care about the adults,but
    I’m very concerned about the under aged Kids and of course you know why.
    It is the innocent we are to protect like it or not, common, St. Lucia deserve the best.

  2. All people who hold normal family values high will stand behind Sarah.
    It can not be right a child can get adopted by gay/lesbian people and growing up with 2 daddys or 2 mummys as parents?!?!
    the bucket stops somewhere.

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