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Security Guard Killed During Robbery At Domino’s

A 42-year-old security guard has become the island’s 35th homicide victim after he was gunned down during a robbery attempt at his place of employment.

The deceased has been identified as Urias Dwight Compton of Corinth, Gros Islet.

The incident took place on Tuesday around 8:00 p.m. at the Domino’s Pizza’s outlet at the Caribbean Cinemas Complex in Choc.

According to a police report, Compton, who was the on-duty security officer at the time, sustained gunshot injuries during the robbery that involved two masked assailants who had firearms.

An armed civilian who was in close proximity responded and an exchange of gunfire ensued between him and the assailants, during which time one of the suspects is believed to have sustained gunshot wounds.

Both suspects subsequently fled the scene of the incident.

Compton was later conveyed to the Victoria Hospital via ambulance, where he was pronounced dead by a medical practitioner around 10:20 p.m.

After new information reached The VOICE that one individual checked into the Victoria Hospital nursing gunshot wounds and claiming that he was shot randomly, the police was again contacted for verification of this information.

The police confirmed that there is currently one individual being held under police guard in critical condition at the hospital; however, they have not been able to ascertain whether he had any involvement in the death of the security guard in Tuesday’s incident.

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  1. First of all Rochelle, compliments on your simple style of writing. There is always clarity with your articles… which I like.
    After another innocent person is snuffed out, certain questions are coming to mind. Will someone in authority or past authority take responsibility for the lost of this life? No, authority persons did not pull the trigger, however, they are complicit for doing nothing. Over a decade has passed since serious gun crimes have afflicted the state. Criminals are still getting bailed for illegal gun ownership. Where are mandatory sentencing laws? Where are relentless road checks? Where is the monetary high-yielding telephone tip line?
    For a country that depends on tourism, you would swear that they have it made. I am convinced that managing the crime situation is beyond them. Out of their depth. What’s really sad is that they have allowed innocent St. Lucians to bear the brunt. Shameless individuals.

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