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In The Public Interest

IT is in the public interest for goods and services, employment opportunities and matters of economic trade to be conducted freely and fairly throughout the Caribbean region.

It is in the interest of all Caribbean people to attract and retain meaningful financial investment, particularly in the tourism sector – our undisputed GDP leader — as we seek to elevate our position within the global economy.

It is our duty as Caribbean citizens to transform the bounty of tourism into opportunity, not only for the many industries, such as farming, that support its expansion, but most importantly, in preparation of the next generation of Caribbean people who require and deserve access to quality education and training.

These are the real matters of interest to the public and the steadfast commitment of Sandals Resorts International since the company’s founding over thirty-five years ago.

Recently, our pledge to live up to these interests has been called into question. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a Caribbean company operating exclusively in the region, Sandals shares the values, traditions and journey of so many of our brothers and sisters. We know what it is to begin with very little, to be underestimated and to work hard.

Like all contributing members of the Caribbean community of which we are a part, we honour our commitments. We pay our taxes. We invest and re-invest deeply in the region and in our people. We know that great things happen when government and private sector partner and so we seek and celebrate those opportunities.

Rhetoric and politics, like the seasons, change. At Sandals, we prefer to take the long view and believe that steady and stable leadership, focused on facts, is the only way to build the trust and confidence investors require to do business here. We think you think so, too.

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