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Gros Islet SLP Constituency Group Elects New Executive

IMG: Members of the newly-elected Gros Islet SLP Constituency Group.

THE Gros Islet SLP Constituency Group held its AGM for 2017 on Saturday, August 26 at Corinth Secondary School. The theme for this year’s AGM was “Strengthening Labour to Govern Again”.

Emma Hippolyte, former Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet, and presently the endorsed SLP candidate for the constituency, addressed the attendance and thanked everyone for the tremendous support she had received during her stint as Parliamentary Representative and continues to receive.

The Chairman of the Outgoing Management Committee, Johnathan Satney, reported on the Management Committee’s term of office. He thanked the Committee in doing a great job in “holding down the fort” while the Constituency Group tried to come to terms with the defeat of the last general elections.

Urban Dolor, former Principal of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, delivered the feature address. In his address, Dolor outlined invaluable points that will certainly be helpful to the Constituency Group in their quest to strengthen Labour in Gros Islet in its readiness to govern again.

Parliamentary Representatives, as well as endorsed candidates of the other constituencies, delivered solidarity messages. The Political Leader, Philip J Pierre, anchored the proceedings.

IMG: Members of the newly-elected Gros Islet SLP Constituency Group.
Members of the newly-elected Gros Islet SLP Constituency Group.

Moreover, Election of Officers to serve for the period 2017/2018 was conducted. The following were elected into office:

Rosie Fregis — Chairwoman/person
Sharon Ephraim — Vice Chairwoman/person
Anselma James – Secretary
Frankie Gustave – Treasurer
Sherrie Defreitas — Women’s Officer
Michelle Ann Philbert — Youth Officer
Jennifer Gaston – PRO

Alvin Paul, John Joseph and Marietta Edward will serve as Trustees. Alva Baptiste, Parliamentary Representative for Laborie, officiated the Election of Officers.

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