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Dr. Anthony Concerned About IAU’s Future

PARLIAMENTARY Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, says many of his constituents are deeply concerned about the future of International American University (IAU) in Vieux Fort South.

According to Dr. Anthony, “Of late, several homeowners who rent their properties to students attending IAU are concerned about the future of their properties because of the ongoing issues regarding the accreditation of the institution. Some are fearful that their investments in building apartments and renovating their homes to accommodate foreign students will suffer because of the uncertainty regarding the accreditation status of the institution.”

Dr. Anthony added: “I am also deeply concerned. In early August, I wrote to the Minister of Education for a meeting sometime after August 22, 2017, to get clarification from her of the nature of the accreditation issues facing IAU and other institutions operating in Saint Lucia. I am aware she attempted to calm fears by suggesting that the Ministry of Education is working to resolve the issues. To date, nothing significant has happened and it appears that IAU is haemorrhaging. I am yet to get a response to my letter.

“It is vital that the issues of accreditation are quickly resolved as uncertainty over the future of these institutions could cause incalculable damage to investments in this sector. I had looked forward to the expansion of these institutions in Vieux Fort, particularly as the former government had enacted an incentives regime for these institutions operating in Saint Lucia and had declared Vieux Fort a ‘University Town.’ As soon as I have a clearer picture, I plan to meet the homeowners to discuss the situation.”


  1. Vieux Fort a University town?
    That dirty village?
    Renters worried? Can they not earn a honest living by honest work other than overcharging students inflated rents?
    Nothing good in this island anymore.

  2. Kenny Anthony should be more concerned about dem workers. IAU is making they money. What about my neighbor who aint got her check. She can’t pay rent, buy food or take care of her needs. This injustice has been going on over there for over a year. Ain nobody talkin about that. Workers been gettin screwed over there for years. How come the previous PM didn’t send a press release about that. Thats the problem here. Only foreiners (IAU/Chinese) that throw around big money at the government get their attention. Not regular poeple trying to earn a living. Everybody know in the south IAU don’t pay they bills or pay they workers. If you don’t believe that go ask around.

  3. Kenny, you lost the 2016 election, now you seem you lost your mind: the slum of VF a university town now?
    Can’t you find anything else to do?

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