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Castries Lions Present Education Bursaries

Image: Castries Lions join other Lions to celebrate mass at opening of Lionistic year.

LITERACY, the ability to read and write, is the foundation for education and social development. Yet, hundreds of millions of adults lack minimum literacy skills and millions of school-aged children are not attending school to obtain that right.

Globally, nearly one billion adults cannot read and write. The issue isn’t just a challenge for developing regions, either. In the United States, it is estimated that 21 million people cannot read and millions more have reading skills so limited that they have difficulty with common tasks such as reading signs or workplace instructions. (Excerpt from Lions International Reading Action Program concept paper).

The Lions Reading Action Programme, launched in 2012, is a ten-year Lions commitment to focus on strengthening global literacy. The programme calls for Lions to organize service projects and activities that underscore the importance of reading.

The Castries Lions responded to that call to action and last Tuesday presented bursaries to three students who will be attending secondary and tertiary learning institutions.

In making the presentations, the Chairperson implored students to give of their best and to see this as an opportunity to shape the lives they want to live in the future. The Lions reminded the students and parents of the importance of education in the life of a child and pledged their support to the students.

The campaign to the Castries Lions and Leos does not stop there as on September 8 – International Literacy Day — in collaboration with the Central Library, we will be launching our “Book Buddy” Reading Programme.

If you are service-minded and want to give back to community, come join a Lions or Leo club. We are on social media. Also contact us at [email protected] and [email protected].

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