‘Adventures of Rocky’ Book Released

PRESS RELEASE – SAMANTHA Jn. Paul-Samuel and her daughter Samura wanted to memorialize their love for their pet dog, Rocky, who passed away three years ago. Samantha started writing bedtime stories about Rocky, encouraged by her daughter, and found that not only did they help them deal with the loss of Rocky but it also helped Samura develop her love of reading and writing.

“The Adventures of Rocky: Book 1 Rocky Comes Home” (published by Xlibris) tells the story of Rocky, a wonderful white poodle terrier, whom the Samuel family were blessed to have in their lives for 13 wonderful years. Rocky impacted their lives and these stories tell his life in part and how he enriched their lives. The stories are set on the island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. As a part of their family, they took Rocky on many outings and adventures with them, and he always made the journey so much more enjoyable and fun.

“All kids will go through these feelings of being nervous, afraid, and cautious,” Samantha says. “Hopefully, the stories can address some of those in a fun form — in a way that kids can understand as pets and kids are intrinsically connected.”

The book is meant to be a collection of stories of the Samuel’s pet that not only keeps his memories with them but help children identify fears and insecurities they may have and learn to deal with them as Rocky does in each story. Samantha also hopes that Rocky’s infectious love will be felt by all those who read these stories.

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