SALCC Hosts Important Physical Activity Seminar

PRESS RELEASE – IN keeping with its mandate to facilitate education at all levels and in as many fields of study as possible, the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, in association with the Office of the Governor General, will host Sam G M Crossley, PhD Student Research Centre in Applied Sports, Technology, Exercise and Medicine (A-STEM), Swansea University, South Wales, UK.

Crossley will be the main facilitator at a seminar on Tuesday, June 6 from 9:00 a.m. at the College, which will provide participants with insight into the use of technology to promote physical activity. The topic for discussion is “Visualizing physical activity through 3-D printing to get children moving more and sitting less”.

Crossley is a member of the Swansea University multidisciplinary research team involving Sport, Exercise and Health Scientists, Computer Scientists and Arts and Humanities academics. The research is focused on a novel concept involving 3-D printing, to help aid children’s understanding and interpretations of how important physical activity is for staying healthy.

With a natural attraction to technology, the model allows children to monitor their daily and weekly physical activity levels through a process of 3-D modelling activity data, which provide children with personalized physical activity feedback, aesthetically attractive and easy to understand. The more the child moves, the more the shape or size of the personalized model changes in appearance.

This brings physical activity data back to reality by providing something that the children can touch, collect and compare over time. The hope is that such an intervention will stimulate interest and become the catalyst for a more active lifestyle.

Attendees include various age categories from secondary schools, Physical Education and Sports professionals, officials from the Ministry of Education and Department of Youth and Sports as well as student athletes from SALCC.

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