‘First Citizens’ Host Youth Seminar

PRESS RELEASE – FIRST Citizens Investment Services Limited (FCIS) once again hosted its annual Young Professionals Seminar (YPS) under the theme, “Transforming Young Success Into Aged Wealth”.

The seminar featured Rick Barnard, a young entrepreneur who is Managing Director and Founder of RJB Hotel Supplies. Barnard’s story was one of inspiration to the audience as he described how his passion to operate his own business drove him to take risks and work hard at what he wanted. He shared practical advice from his experience on achieving financial and business success.

Dr. Merle Clarke shared her perspective on wealth by urging the audience to consider their health condition as this can have a significant impact on their quality of life and wealth. As a Nephrologist (kidney specialist), Dr. Clarke spoke to the challenges of this particular area of healthcare in St. Lucia. As a young person herself, she reminded participants of the pertinence of preventative healthcare.

The audience received sound advice on financial planning and how to maximize their resources to achieve their desired financial goals. FCIS representative, Tara Jn. Phillip, presented the investment opportunities for young persons and reminded them that the sooner they started working on their goals, the closer they would be to achieving it.

The seminar, which was held at the Finance Administration Centre Conference Room on May 4th, was sponsored by The Cell St. Lucia, Meme Bête, RJB Hotel Supplies and Peter and Company Distribution.

Participants got the opportunity to interact with the panel, benefit from some giveaways and enjoy a networking mixer following the presentations.

First Citizens Investment Services Limited continues to be committed to the development of youth and providing financial literacy.

Look out for the upcoming Women’s Seminar in June!

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